Awards & Press

pccory92jKd2cwscswbha0grWI8fb2ZAX_xdhu8hRPtc43VNUnappaThe Lost Bicycle, 2010, was awarded a gold medal by the NAPPA Parenting Awards, a silver medal by the Parent’s Choice Awards, World Storytelling Honors, and was named preferred choice by Creative Child Magazine. In addition, NAPPA named it best value and one of 13 top children’s products for 2010.

Testimonials for The Lost Bicycle:
“Hills doesn’t talk down to kids, but instead speaks to them as the insightful and incredibly bright young people that they really are.”
–Matthew Duvall, percussionist Eighth Blackbird

“Cory Hills is a fun and engaging storyteller and a first rate performer. ”
–Jeffrey Zeigler, cellist Kronos Quartet

“This CD is a whimsical, fun-filled resource for introducing percussion to…anyone who is young at heart.”
— Jim Lambert, Review in Percussive Notes

“This mix of folktales, and original and personal stories are snappy and satisfying. Kids and parents will want to tap, bang and strum along!”
— NAPPA Awards 2010 – Gold Medal Winner; Best Value, Best Product 2010

“His playing is masterful. This is a must for children of all ages.”
— Paola Prestini, Composer and Director, Vision Into Art

“Evocative of a multitude of cultures–pleasing to the ear and nourishing for the heart!”
–David Balakrishnan, founder/violinist, Turtle Island Quartet

“The child in all of us enjoyed this great CD so much. A superb accomplishment!”
–Jim Ross, Chicago Symphony Orchestra