Beatrice and the POGs –
Middle Grade Fiction (106 Pages)

Join Beatrice, a normal 10-year-old girl, with a very special locket. On her birthday, Beatrice discovers she is part of the POGs, or Protectors of the Galaxy, a group of alien kids tasked with protecting the galaxy from the evil Scarab, an alien trying to steal magical golden rings called power buckets. If Scarab finds the power buckets, he will control the galaxy!

Will Beatrice find out the secrets of her special locket? Will the POGs find the power buckets before Scarab? Join them on their exciting journey through the galaxy!

Published by AcutebyDesign in 2018, Beatrice and the POGs is the first in a series of books for middle grade readers, ages 8-12.

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DSL-92199 Cover

Drum Factory –
Audio CD (11 Tracks)

The 2nd CD for Percussive Storytelling, released in 2016! Thanks to Sono Luminus Records, Drum Factory rocked the children’s musical storytelling world! You and your whole family will have Drum Factory stuck in your head for months and possible years to come. Buy one for you, your niece, grandson, friend, daughter, and cousin — or give them away as party favors!

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The Lost Bicycle
– Illustrated Book (24 Pages)

The Lost Bicycle was the first-ever story written and composed for Percussive Storytelling. In 2015, thanks to AcutebyDesign, it is now a beautifully illustrated children’s book. Purchase a copy of the book and visit the media page to watch me perform it!

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The Lost Bicycle – Audio CD (10 Tracks)

The Lost Bicycle was the first CD produced for Percussive Storytelling, released in 2010. It features some of my hits (Tikki Tikki Tembo, The Turnip, The Lost Bicycle) as well as a number of other stories that are sure to make long car rides easier and more enjoyable for the whole family! The Lost Bicycle won many national parenting and creative arts awards and helped launch Percussive Storytelling on the national scene. Buy one today!

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