The Book!


The Lost Bicycle, the fully-illustrated children’s book was released on June 1, 2015! With pictures by award-winning illustrator Matsue Wiles and a dedicated team at Acute by Design, it was very exciting to watch my story become a book. Making it even more special is the fact that The Lost Bicycle was the first story I ever wrote and the first story I ever wrote music for. Simply put, The Lost Bicycle is what started Percussive Storytelling!

The story tells the tale of the world’s first bicycle and what happens when the boy loses it after a giant rainstorm. If you’ve heard me perform before, then this story is probably familiar as it is the same bicycle story from my album called, you guessed it, The Lost Bicycle! Check out a video of The Lost Bicycle here.

To purchase a copy of The Lost Bicycle book, please click on this link to Amazon or buy one directly from me through the shop!