Workshop Program

Percussive Storytelling Workshops come in two varieties:

1. Literacy Workshop for Kids 

Given dozens of times throughout the country, this popular and intensive workshop puts the pen in the hand of the best writers known to man — kids! Over the course of a day or two, students will pen original stories, set them to music, and perform the stories either as part of a larger performance or just for fellow classmates. This workshop is designed for a smaller groups, and works great for ESL programs, individual classrooms, and speech/language therapy settings.

2. Percussive Storytelling for Educators

Believe it or not, even adults like to hit drums! The purpose of this workshop is to present the ins and outs of Percussive Storytelling to educators, who can then bring Percussive Storytelling back into classrooms near and far. Specifically, educators will get to actively participate in the creation of a story, immediately set it to music, and receive oodles and oodles of information about how to implement Percussive Storytelling into the classroom. Educational studies all point to the power of interdisciplinary learning; thus, Percussive Storytelling presents a new and exciting way to teach, learn, and collaborate. Workshop