The Lost Bicycle


The Lost Bicycle is a fully-illustrated children’s book with incredible illustrations by award-winning artist Matsue Wiles. 

The Lost Bicycle, which was the first children's story I ever wrote, tells the tale of a young child's dedication, perseverance, and friendship as he searches for his bicycle. After losing his new bicycle after leaving it outside during a storm, a young boy goes on an adventure to find it. As he searches, he makes new animal friends and learns important lessons about perseverance.

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Beatrice and the POGs


Beatrice and the POGs (Protectors of the Galaxy), is a full-length children's novel that was released in 2018, with beautiful illustrations by artist Jane Elliott.


Intended for middle grade readers (ages 7-12), this book is the first in a series of space adventure books. The title character in the novel, Beatrice is a normal 10-year-old girl with a very special locket. On her birthday, Beatrice discovers she is part of the POGs, or Protectors of the Galaxy. This special group of alien kids is tasked with protecting the galaxy from the evil alien Scarab, who is trying to steal magical golden rings called power buckets. If Scarab finds the power buckets, he controls the galaxy. Will Beatrice figure out the special powers of her locket and find the power buckets before Scarab? 

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