Percussive storytelling recordings

The Lost Bicycle


The Lost Bicycle, released in May 2010, is my debut CD featuring original percussive stories. The CD itself is organized like a trip to the theatre. It consists of a prelude, three acts of two stories each, two fun-filled intermezzos, and a postlude. The stories are a mix of original tales (The Lost Bicycle; Phonetic Punctuation; Ponderosa Pine) and adapted folk tales (Tikki Tikki Tembo; Njovu; The Turnip).

The Lost Bicycle was awarded a gold medal by the NAPPA Parenting Awards, a silver medal by the Parent’s Choice Foundation, World Storytelling Honors, and a Preferred Choice by Creative Child Magazine. In addition, NAPPA named it a best value and one of 13 top children’s products for 2010.

Drum Factory


Drum Factory, released on Sono Luminus Records in 2016, is my second CD of percussive stories. The CD is designed similarly to The Lost Bicycle, with a prelude, two percussive intermezzos, and seven stories. The stories are a mix of original tales (Black Bear and Mountain Lion; Hatchling; Bright, Green Leaves) and adapted folk tales (Harumph!; Drum Factory; Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly; I'm My Own Grandpa). 

Drum Factory received a Parent’s Choice Silver Award, three nominations at the 2016 Independent Music Awards, and was named CD of Year by Creative Child.