School Programs



This interactive program offers a high-energy performance (one that is equally entertaining and educational) through an old-school assembly. The 50 minute-program features 35 minutes of stories, a Q&A session, audience participation, and detailed information about the instruments, stories, and language.

Percussive Storytelling touches on numerous National Standards of Learning, specifically elements in Language Arts and Music Composition/Improvisation. Working hand in hand with teachers, a Performance Study Guide is available before the assembly. This study guide contains information about the program, pre and post performance activities, a review of national standards, suggested stories, links to videos, and more.

A school program is designed for larger audiences, and is also a great option for children’s festivals, museum events, holiday festivals, and other venues with a large audience. 



Given dozens of times throughout the country and abroad, this popular and intensive workshop puts the pen in the hand of the best writers out there — kids! Over the course of a day or more, students craft original stories, set them to music, and perform the stories for either a larger audience or just for fellow classmates. 

Workshops hit upon a number of national standards of learning, not to mention correspond directly to cognitive research showing the positive effects of a multidisciplinary approach to speech and language development. This approach provides longer-term learning, comprehension, and educational impact for kids, all while being fun, engaging, and interactive.

Workshops are designed for smaller groups, and are great for individual classrooms or grades, ESL programs, speech/language therapy settings, and more. Each workshop is completely customizable to fit specific needs.